Official Movie Site:
Release: July 3rd
Movie Length:  2 hours 24 minutes

Starring Shia Labeouf, Megan Fox and directed by Michael Bay

Transformers Trailer:

What can i say about this movie……other than asolutely amazing. I loved everything about it. Maybe its because i have always been a die hard fan and Optimus Prime is my damn hero. No matter the reason…..I loved it. Sure you could say the plot was a bit weak or that sometimes the cheeky humour was a bit much but, who the fuck cares. I have read plenty of reviews with lots of complaints about lack of character develepment. I would say that holds true for most of the transfomers themselves but, not for the humans. Many of reviews also complained that it was hard to make out alot of the action. I guess that may hold true for some but, for me and all others i know that have seen it has not been an issue. My only personal complaint about the movie is how they made Optimus seem weak in the fight against megatron. Hopefully they make him kick more ass in the sequel. I went to see a movie about giant robots and thats what i got. I got to see my childhood idols come to life on the big screen….my life is now complete. I mean come on…….Optimus has a fucking sword.

Last Words: Get your ass to the theatre and watch this fucking movie


1 Response to “Transformers”

  1. 1 grendelkhan August 9, 2007 at 7:24 am

    O M F G …
    I absolutely LOVED this movie. IN- FOOKIN- CREDIBLE!

    Its almost hard to believe…
    but even given the MASSIVE expectations and hype….
    it not only meet my expectations but BLEW THEM OUTTA THE FREAKIN TRANSFORMING UNIVERSE..

    I loved every second of every minute!! Not a slow moment in the movie and had me pumped throughout.

    Starts right into the action and “slows down” only to have you literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD for humor segments (the whole theater was dying laughing with the Autobots at the house scene ) and the visuals OMG the visuals. I literally…LITERALLY was almost tearing from PUMPED excitement when Optimus first comes in and transforms. My gf literally said (translated from Korean), “that was the literally most fun I’ve ever had watching a movie at the theater. LOVED IT”. and first time ever, she actually said she wanted to see it AGAIN …once with friends and then again with me. That is nutz. she NNNEVER wants to see a movie twice.

    I loved the music too… had me FEELING like every second was the DEFCON DELTA and running at full tilt… and the movie was FULL TILT from beginning to end. Haven’t felt that much pressure to keep going and “hurry up!!” in a looong time.

    acting was great and/or well suited and cast. Megan fox was hottness personified. everythign WORKED. Some fun and funny as hell cameos and great surprises in the details (for those that are geeked out Transformer fans)…
    (**SPOILER START: like I was surprised that they many had, like, retractabke “armor masks”… like Optimus has a FACE!! (robot face…but still! )… and I was surprised how many characters die (one of my fave in fact, Jazz) and that humans are able to take them down as well as they did. Not that it was easy, but still. This is NOT a criticism.. just didn’t expect that **SPOILER END**)

    The little radio bad guy frenzy was hilarious as well as a great villain. Nothing need to be said about OP. bubblebee CRACKED ME UP when helping score Megan, and had me want to jump out and kick people when (spoiler alert! he was captured. spoiler end)

    The story holds true enough to the classic transformers lore and “updated” enough to make me happy and did a good job as to HOW THE FOOK did they even come to being??!?! Well done with Micheal Bay with that.

    The only “fault” was that my poor feeble could not comprehend the awesomeness of it all couple of the CRAZY ACTION parts towards the end where it seemed to move a bit jumpy with how how they all knew what was going on from one area to the next and seem to be some Transformers unaccounted for at the end from what I could tell … BUT ITS SO FREAKIN BEAUTIFUL AND INTENSE TO WATCH (in that not “just eye-candy” way, but real I’M-IN-THE-ACTION overwhelmed way… SO WHO THE FREAK CARES? It was just so damn bad@s$. And now I have reason to watch it a few more times before the weekend is over just to catch every frame I might have blinked during. I was happy to “suspend my disbelief” for this AWESOME FREAKIN world with autobots and decepticons. I WANT THAT WORLD (yah its a war and stuff where people die and that fate of world hangs in the balance…blah blah blah … GIMME!! NOW!!! ).

    And I want ALL THE CARS. NOW.

    It left me completely satified AND completely wanting to go STRAIGHT INTO the next “episode” (without feeling like you are left with a cliffhanger or continuing story arc. YOU JUST WANT MORE!!) and I hope what Micheal Bay said at the Junket turns out to be true and he makes 4..5…6 and beyond.

    Even the most miserable of blockbuster and transformer hatas out will not be able to say they didn’t have a good freakin time. I’ve heard lots of peeps saying it’ll never make its massive budget back.. I assure there is NO worry there AT ALL. you will NOT see that maassive Spidey 3 drop after opening week… I bet it may even hold stead or hell..RISE.

    You WILL ABSOLUTELY see many box office records broken. Hell, I’d love to see Titanic go down (pun intended) and this is the first one I think could do it a long time (yah, maybe I’m out cause I’m pumped full of juice… but oh freakin well… TRANSFORMERS WILL PWN ALL!!

    THE AUDIENCE CHEERED AND GAVE A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE AT THE END (which is very unheard of in Korea…very conservative about such things). And all I heard were rows of people (in Korea) sayin “WOOWAAHHH!! THEBEST!! INCREDIBLE.. SERIOUSLY AMAZING. Worth the hype.” (yes, that’s about what it traslated to).

    ONLY thing I wish is that Bay stuck a epiloge (even if just a funny clip or outtake) at the very end after the credits (there is none). but I guess that’s just me wanting more again. lol


    it is seriously blasphemy to watch this on tthe small screen (or monitor for download junkies) before seeing it in the theater. IT MUST BE EXPERIENCED IN FULL. hell I wish I could see in IMAX.


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